Material Girl:  Fashion, Finance, and Femininity

Never assume the intelligence of your audience. One major issue within NFT discourse is that it indeed does rise to the level of its own incompetence. While finance bros and Coinbase consignees align to design a new economic paradigm, there is a cringe-worthy ineptitude afoot. Finance, at its most simple definition, is “the management, creation, and study of money and investments.”  Often, this interpretation is catalyzed toward the “economic man.” If the NFT space were gender-aware, NFTs would likely not be titled as something so unbecoming, but that is neither here nor there. We are not here to judge the aesthetics but do check back in for that scathing survey. Rather, we are here to discuss the gendered ethicality of this immaterial landscape. 

Girls just want to have funds, and within fashion is an economic ideal rooted in a value system often disregarded at higher echelons of monetary development. The Hermes Birkin, for example, mused after English actress Jane Birkin – is one of the only fashion objects to successfully appreciate in value. The average woman does not follow stock market ennui, but most tasteful women understand the propriety enveloped in those items we deem “investments.” If we view such objects as tickets to upward mobility, one would do well to consider which strategies, processes, or assigned doctrines lead to lucrative conclusions. It is a well-kept secret, the power that women hold over our economy. With that, the value of female influence on market demand is often understated. The nuance of such classifications as well, overlooked. 

Those who contribute most to leisure and luxury economies are ladies who lounge. Of course, we are speaking generally. This is NOT the time to get your mascara all gloopy. This is a time to gatekeep, not gaslight or girl boss. In economics, feminine financial freedom is weaponized, but in the leisure economy, it is prioritized. Fashion’s foray into NFTs, done well, will not democratize luxury (because that makes no sense). It will, however, create new streams for economic expansion…. in a language we all understand.