Upon walking into the Mugler exhibition in Paris, my first thought was, “it’s kind of loud in here.” Not loud as in “turn
the music down,” but loud as in the scene was pumping and the drama was alive.

Mugler’s universe is full of mysticism, mystery, and feminine prowess. One that comes on strong and then is filtered
with details. Held in an exclusive wing of the massive Louvre at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, the collection ‘Thierry
Mugler: Couturissime’, boasts a maze of rooms, each exuding different energies, environments and modes. Thierry
Mugler’s influence on fashion is undeniable and his 50-year reign is testament to his creative genius.

Mugler was obsessed with fashion from the start. His classical training as a dancer encouraged him to imbue the aura
of performance throughout the representation of his work and brand. Launching his first label ‘Cafe De Paris’ in 1973
in Paris, he worked alongside veteran designers such as Claude Montana and Azzedine Alaia. As his popularity grew
so did his desire for spectacle. Fashion followed him everywhere he went. From Strasbourg to Paris, the
world-renowned couturier enveloped himself in the culture and then built a new sartorial mold.